Business Transactional

Conducting Business

We assist our clients in determining the most appropriate form of business entity, based upon the type of business conducted, the location of the business, and the tax consequences of each; and then prepare the documentation necessary to establish the business. The forms of business entities which we prepare include:

  • Small Business and “C” Corporations
  • General and Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships

We also review corporate documentation and assist in updating minute books. Some of the documentation which we prepare includes:

  • Articles of Incorporation and Organization
  • Bylaws
  • Organizational Minutes
  • Subscription Agreements, Investment Letter Agreements and Share Certificates
  • Shareholders’ Agreements and Operating Agreements

We assist our clients in purchasing existing businesses, in selling their own, and in engaging in capital and other asset distributions, recapitalizations and business liquidations.

Finally, we guide our clients through day-to-day operations, by consulting on local, multi-state and international sales, use, capital gains and income tax issues; and preparing, editing and negotiating Buy-Sell, Stock Purchase, Cross Purchase, Joint Venture, Employer, Lease, Distributor, Supplier and other Funded and Non-Funded Contracts and Agreements.